Grand Canyon

On our way to Phoenix we stop by the famous “Grand Canyon”, it’s basically a huge breach in Arizona with the colorado river in the middle (if you want more technical explanations search the Internet). And it’s beautiful and we fly over it thanks to people that love us a lot! (gràcies Dani y Sílvia). The flight is 30 minutes, enought to be jaw-dropped almost for 29 minutes, and there is music for take off and landing too, we don’t remember any information that is playing over the headphones during the flight, but who cares? We fly over the grand canyon!

Almost forget this info, on our way to Grand Canyon we stop for picking up a Hopi hitchhiker, (Hopi from native american Hopi tribe) and after talking about his tribal life, when we drop him, he ask for money… So we ride him like 20 kms and we also have to pay him? maybe hitchhikking is diferent in Arizona. Anyway our hopi friend goes whitout reward.

did_you_knowDid you know that

… There is a town inside ? Supai village, population 208.


  • Flying over the grand canyon 🙂

dislikes Dislikes:

  • Foto finish: Before boarding, the helicopter company takes a picture of you in front of the machine, after the flight they show you the picture printed already in case that you want to buy it. Why don’t you ask the costumer before printing the picture?  consider the environment!



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