Bryce canyon

When preparing our RTW, in the beginning Bryce canyon was not in our route. Planning the trip we were like “another park” and only in one day it’s not worth the effort, but how wrong we were! It has been one of the highlights of our trip.

Every viewpoint has better views than the previous one, and at the end we visit all 4 points (sunrise, sunset, inspiration and bryce points).

We walk a couple of trekkings along the well marked trails. The navajo trail and Tower bridge Trail. During the walk we have a great view of the hoodoos. The hoodoos are vertical rock formations similar to columns created by the erosion. The canyon is full of hoodoos, some of them are very thin, and they look like needles when you look at them from the distance.

It has definitely been a highlight, and if you have the chance it deserves a visit.

did_you_knowDid you know that

… It’s not really a canyon, it’s and excavated amphitheater made by water erosion?


  • Hoodoos: Thounsands, of any size and shape.
  • View points: spectacular views of giant amphitheaters.
  • The national park: Like all the NP’s in USA very well mantained and easy to visit.

dislikes Dislikes:

  • Burger in Panguitch: Probably the worst burger ever, we didn’t remember the name of the place, so if you visit Panguitch and you go for a burger… good luck!



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