“Park-ing” in California (II): Sequoia NP

Our next Park-ing adventure happens below 0°C, misty Sequoia National Park. We stay positive and think that the park looks nicer with the foggy weather, with all those giant trees going up. One can explore the park by car, but we like feeling it, so instead we take the little paths through the forest. Our first stop is in Moro Rock, we cannot see anything because of the fog, but still the walk was so beautiful that we don’t mind it.

To head back to the museum we take another path in the woods, the soldiers trail, which passes by some of the landmarks of Sequoia Park like the tunnel log. Very close to the museum there is the Big Trees Trail, a very easy and handicap adapted path where you can see and learn from sequoia trees.

Honestly we are not so much into museums, but it’s cold and we want to warm up, and lucky us, we enter just 5 minutes before a ranger starts a little and interesting speech about the park and the sequoia trees.

We cannot leave the park without bowing the general Sherman tree, the largest tree in the world, not the tallest, not the heaviest, not the oldest, but the largest, which is still something!

To visit Sequoia Park we stayed in Lindsay (40 minutes drive to the park), with a fantastic couch surfer, Matty. We spent a really good time there, thanks Matty and Luis!


did_you_know  Did you know that…

… giant sequoia trees need fires to be able to reproduce, such that all the leaves on the floor get burnt and the cones and seeds reach the ground?

… giant sequoia trees grow under very special conditions and they are only found in few places?

… the roots of a sequoia tree are not deeper than 1 meter but they grow shallow in order to create a solid base to support the huge tree?

… the Sequoia National Park was the first National Park in the US?

likes  Likes:

  • Hiking trails: Get to the sites in the park using the trails instead of roads by car.
  • Moro Rock: Check the visibility of Moro Rock, if it’s clear, you’ll have a great view.
  • Ranger in the museum: Go for the talk given at the museum by the ranger to get a better explanation of the park and the sequoia trees.


dislikes  Dislikes:

  • Clod weather: if you go in late fall or winter, bring warm clothes and a raincoat.
  • Curvy road: be prepared for a curvy uphill road to get to the park.



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