“I Left My Heart In San Francisco”

Sunny weather, an interesting city and great company! the perfect combination for the best start of our RTW adventure!

We’ve learnt a lot about this lively city!

did_you_know  Did you know that…

… the San Franciscan China Town is the oldest in the world and it was built precisely as a recreation of a Chinese town in order to get rid of the bad reputation of a slum and then Americans would come to feel “as if they were in China”? Was this maybe the first Disney Land in the world?

… some of the highest buildings in the city are built upon old ships?

… there are several hearts in San Francisco, but it was Tony Bennett himself who left his in San Francisco?

… the famous Chinese fortune cookies have actually a Japanese origin?

… the Golden Gate Bridge got its name because of the gold rush on the west coast, that it showed the entrance pass (or gate) to the ships that were coming to the San Francisco bay searching for fortune in the gold business?

… the tallest building the Transamerica Pyramid is named after its shape?

… the San Franciscans are called the 49ers because of the year when SF was populated by gold seekers and not because it has exactly 49 hills?

… the Bank of America was originally the Bank of Italy because a very clever italian guy (Amadeo Pietro Giannini) introduced a revolutionary banking system at that time, where he lent money to the middle class people, and with a couple of intelligent actions his bank was the only one which was able to lent money to people to rebuild their houses after the destructive earthquake in 1906?

… SF is one of the most expensive cities to live in the US?

The visit was definitely too short, so we’ll probably need to come back to continue learning what this city has to offer.

We want to thank Robert for being an incredible host, our San Francisco time wouldn’t have been as nice without him!



One thought on ““I Left My Heart In San Francisco”

  1. Fantastic first place in your trip around the world. We want to go with you in this wonder journey. We wish you the best in the next destination, and my littles want to send you many kisses. 😘.

    Nosotros también os mandamos muchos besos, cuidaos.


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